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    What should we focus on when processing optical communication product?

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    Products of different industries have different requirements and characteristics, and the processing methods are also different. The same on what we should focus of management. SWKD has been committed to  optical communication parts processing, medical equipment parts processing, etc., Let's talk about the difficulties and control points of optical communication products processing.

    The raw materials for processing optical communication products generally include Kovar alloy, silumin, oxygen-free copper, ordinary aluminum alloy and other materials. The difficulty of processing different materials is also different. For materials such as Kovar alloy and silumin, it is necessary to select the appropriate machining tool in a targeted manner. Otherwise, the tool will wear too fast, the product quality cannot be guaranteed, and the processing cost cannot be controlled.

    The problems that often occur in the processing of  optical communication parts produdct are generally processing steps and burrs. The product accuracy can usually be guaranteed, but the processing details need to be strictly controlled. If the equipment can be used to remove the burrs, it must be completed on the equipment. If not, it must be clearly marked on the drawing and cleaned manually to prevent excess. The knife mark left during the machining process must not have a fingerprint, it needs to be polished and flat. Pay attention to the knife step during the root removal process, otherwise it will affect the assembly and use.

    When processing  optical communication parts product, the tool life must be carefully evaluated, and SPC control can be carried out for important dimensions to prevent abnormalities during the processing, resulting in product repair or scrap.

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