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    What are the surface treatment processes of common precision machined parts

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    Companies engaged in precision machined parts will more or less deal with surface treatment  plants, because precision machined parts generally undergo surface treatment to improve the corrosion performance. Today SWKD will share you what are the conventional surface treatment methods for precision machined parts?

    First of all, the choice of surface treatment  method is generally selected according to the material and the precision machined parts in order to control its quality. For conventionally used aluminum materials, the generally selected surface treatment methods are anode natural color, anode black, colored anode, and hard anode, natural chromate, conductive oxidation, etc., According to the requirements of the parts, choose different oxidation categories. Of course, aluminum can not only improve the corrosion ability of precision machined parts through oxidation, but also can be electroplated with nickel, silver, golden. In the early engineering process design stage of precision machined parts, a certain processing size space should be reserved for surface treatment to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the parts after surface treatment.

    The oxidation process is only for aluminum, so what are the surface treatment  methods for conventional carbon steel? For precision machined parts processed by carbon steel, you can generally choose chemical nickel, bright nickel, electrophoresis, zinc plating, chrome plating and so on, it is particularly difficult to control the size of chrome plating, so if you choose chrome plating, you must consider the plating margin and the position of the rack plating method to avoid the size impact caused by high and low potentials.

    Copper materials are the same as carbon steel materials, and the same surface treatment   methods can be selected. For precision machined parts processed by copper materials, attention should be paid to the one-time straight-through rate of the surface treatment. Once the surface treatment fails, the repair will cause corrosion of the workpiece and cause the product scrapped.

    SWKD has been engaged in the precision machining industry for many years and has rich experience in precision machining. It processes medical equipment parts, optical communication equipment parts, military parts and other precision machining parts all the year round.


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