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    How to control the pc material deformation in cnc processing

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    CNC processing non-metallic materials, deformation is the most difficult to solve, especially PC materials are the most easily deformed. How to control the deformation of PC materials during the processing?

    PC materials are widely used in mechanical processing, also in turning and milling machining center. But the problem that plagues these two processing methods is deformation. First, we must judge the deformed part from the structure of the product. Generally speaking , The places that are easy to deform are thin walls and apertures, and the places that are easy to be overlooked are the dimensions. The places that are easy to deform should be processed first, and the amount of deformation should be reserved, and then the subsequent finishing processing should be guaranteed; secondly, the changes in weather should also be considered , The temperature change of the processing environment, generally speaking, so plastic materials have the natural phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction. The size of the processing technology can be designed according to the objective development to effectively reduce the size problem caused by deformation.

    The cutting tools suitable for processing PC materials should be sharp to reduce the influence of heat generated during the processing on the PC materials and lead to deformation. The clamping method of PC materials should also consider the influence of force and deformation to ensure the size after loosening the clamp accuracy.

    SWKD has focused on CNC machining for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in processing special materials and non-metallic materials. Common PC materials, PEEK, and POM are often processed.


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