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    The difference between cutting fluid and cutting oil in machining

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    In the daily machining process, some people like to use cutting fluid, and some people like to use cutting oil, because the functions of the two coolants are different, materials used are also different.

    Cutting fluid and cutting oil are used to cool the parts, so they are collectively referred to as coolant. The cutting fluid is generally diluted before use. The ratio is proportioned according to a certain water ratio, and it is put into use after stirring. The effect is very good, especially suitable for some aluminum processing, the disadvantage is that the lubrication performance is relatively poor.

    The difference between cutting oil and cutting fluid is that the cooling performance is relatively poor, but the lubrication performance is very good, which can effectively solve the processing problems of some harder materials.

    Generally speaking, machining centers usually use more cutting fluids, while lathes use more cutting oils, especially CNC core machining, which are generally cutting oils and do not use cutting fluids.

    Another problem with the use of cutting oil is that compared with cutting fluids, the processing environment is more likely to be dirty and not easy to be hygienic. However, for the protection of equipment and machines, cutting oil is more conducive to the machine, and it is not easy to rust while use cutting oil for machines. and the machine that uses cutting fluid is prone to rust. If the machine does not rotate for a long time, it will easily emit odor. This is the difference between cutting fluid and cutting oil.

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