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    optical communications
    Product Basic Information

    Its a parts for the optical communication industry equipment, high silicon aluminum material, product processing difficulties for the material brittle, easy to collapse, tool wear fast, SWKD has rich experience in the processing of optical communication parts, often processed products such as optical communication parts shell, cavity, face cover.

    Product details

    Component features:

    Processing technology

    CNC  precision machining

    Material Mode

    high silicone aluminum

    Sample/production lead time

    7/15 working days

    Product processing accuracy


    Product processing

    CNC machining - full inspection - packaging - delivery

    Product standard


    Surface treatment

    Nature color

    Packing standard

    Copy paper +pearl wool +carton box or according to customer requirements

    Related testing equipment

    Calipers, projectors, two - dimensional height gauges, thread gauges, etc

    Flow chart of product implementation:

    SWKD has rich processing experience in aluminum alloy parts processing, carbon steel parts processing and copper alloy parts processing. At the same time, we are also good at processing special materials, such as high silicon aluminum, oxygen free copper, cutting alloy, iron-nickel alloy and so on.


    Processing range

    SWKD has been focusing on CNC precision machining for many years, and has been committed to providing high-quality CNC precision machining services for customers in the optoelectronics industry, medical industry, and automation equipment industry, including CNC vertical machining centers, CNC horizontal machining centers, and turret CNC lathe , High-precision processing equipment such as turning and milling machine tools, can complete the processing of various types of precision parts, rapid proofing, batch and efficient completion while ensuring product quality and ensuring satisfactory delivery.

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