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    Heat treatment technology in precision machining

    Author:    Release time:2021-01-21   Browse:

    As people are familiar with the heat treatment process, but most people still keep the concept of hardening the product to enhance the strength of the parts, but they do not know the importance of the heat treatment process for precision machining. Today Let's talk about the importance of precision machining heat treatment process.

    There are many types of heat treatment processes, such as quenching, annealing, quenching and tempering, vacuum heat treatment, carburizing, nitriding, high frequency, and so on. In conventional heat treatment, the hardness of the product is generally improved. But in precision machining, heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering, high and low temperature cycles are often used to release the stress of the parts to ensure that the parts are not affected by the stress release during the machining process, resulting in deformation, which affects the accuracy of the parts.  While experienced engineering Technicians formulating the processing technology, insert the heat treatment process into the processing technology to solve the problem of stress release in a timely manner. Different heat treatment processes should be selected in accordance with the actual processing requirements of the parts. Otherwise, the effect will be just enough. In other words, when the conditions do not allow for stress relief, the material can also be placed in an oven for baking treatment, kept at a constant temperature for a period of time, and naturally cooled during placement, which can also achieve a certain stress relief effect. It also has a very good effect for preventing processing deformation, which is economical and affordable.

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