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    Engineering Release

    CNC machining center programming instructions

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    The CNC machining center relies on CNC programming to operate the machine to achieve the purpose and controlling the production. Then, what are the programming instructions of the CNC machining center that we often use in machining, let me summarize and share it together:

       Fast point positioning: G00 or G0

       format G00 X_ Y_Z_; X, Y, Z are the coordinates of the target point

       Description: The movement speed commanded by G00 cannot be controlled in the command and is determined by the system parameters.

       Linear interpolation: G01 (G1)

       format G01X_Y_Z_F_; control the tool to move to the target point given by the instruction at the given speed. F is the feed amount.

      Absolute coordinate programming method:

      G90G00X30.Y30.; (P1 point)

      G01 Y80.F1000.; (P1 moves to P2)

      X60.; (P2 moves to P3)

      X100.Y50.(P3 moves to P4)

      Y30.(P4 moves to P5)

      X50.Y20.(P5 moves to P6)

      Incremental coordinate programming mode:

      G90 G00 X30. Y30.; (P1 point)

       G91 G01 Y50. F1000.; (P1 moves to P2)

      X30.; (P2 movement to P3)

      X40.Y-30.(P3 moves to P4)

      Y-20.(P4 moves to P5)

      X-50.Y-10.(P5 moves to P6)

      Circular interpolation command G02 G03 or G2 G3

       G02 is a clockwise circular interpolation command

       G03 is a counter-clockwise circular needle interpolation command

      Program delay pause command: G04

       format: G04 X_ or G04 P_, the number after the X command is in seconds, and the number after the P command is in milliseconds. Can be used for machining the bottom of the hole with cutting fluid, etc.

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