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    Commonly used cnc processing g codes

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    In daily mechanical processing, cnc processing equipments are often used, so what are the most commonly used cnc processing g codes? SWKD has been engaged in cnc machining for many years, and we would like to share with you the cnc processing g codes:

       The code name and corresponding function are briefly described as follows:   

    G00------Quickly locate du position   

    G01------Linear interpolation   

    G02------clockwise circular interpolation   

    G03------Counterclockwise circular interpolation   

    G04------Timed pause   

    G05------Circular interpolation through the intermediate point   

    G07------Z spline curve interpolation   

    G08------Feed acceleration   

    G09------Feed deceleration   

    G20------Subroutine call   

    22------Radius dimension programming mode   

    G220-----Use on the system operation interface

    G23------diameter size programming mode   

    G230-----Use on the system operation interface

    G24------End of subroutine   

    25------Jump processing   

    G26------Cycle processing   

    G30------Magnification cancellation   

    G31------Multiplication definition   

    G32------Equal pitch thread cutting, inch system   

    G33------Equal pitch thread cutting, metric system   

    G53, G500-Set workpiece coordinate system to cancel   

    G54------Set workpiece coordinate system one   

    G55------Set the workpiece coordinate system 2   

    G56------Set the workpiece coordinate system three   

    G57------Set the workpiece coordinate system four   

    G58------Set the workpiece coordinate system five   

    G59------Set the workpiece coordinate system six   

    G60------accurate path method   

    G64------Continuous path mode   

    G70------Inch size inch   

    G71------Metric size mm   

    G74------Return to reference point (machine zero point)   

    G75------Return to the zero point of programmed coordinate   

    G76------Return to the starting point of programmed coordinates   

    G81------External fixed cycle   

    G331-----Thread canned cycle   

    G90------absolute size   

    G91------ relative size   

    G92------Prefabricated coordinates   

    G94------Feed rate, feed per minute   

    G95------ feed rate, feed per revolution

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