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    Development Path

      Dec. 2010

      SWKD was founded in the beautiful city shenzhen China

      Mar. 2012

      Officially passed the ISO9001:2008 version of quality management system certification


      Introduced document management system, which not only ensures file security, but also strengthens the application of IT in

           enterprise management, making information sharing more standardized, convenient and secure.

      May. 2015

      Bring in Mazak horizontal processing center, greatly expanded and improved the processing capacity and scope, better served

           new and old customers;

      Oct. 2017

      Obtained a number of patent and utility model patents, and applied for the national high-tech enterprise certification.

      Apr. 2018

      Successfully obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification.

      Jun. 2019

      Bring in several Sets of Chengtai precision lathes, the production capacity and CNC precision machining supporting services has

           been further expanded.


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