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    Company Profile

    Shenzhen SWKD Precision Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2010 and is committed to providing CNC precision machining services for many outstanding enterprises. It has Mazak horizontal machining center and FANUC vertical machining center. Chengtai turret turning and milling lathes, Akira Seiki vertical machining center and other high-quality precision machining equipment. Service areas include medical equipment, auto parts, optoelectronics industry, automation equipment, communication equipment, etc.

    To better ensure product quality, we established a precision testing center, equipped with Zeiss coordinate measuring instrument, Hexagon coordinate measuring instrument, TESA two-dimensional altimeter, image measuring instrument and other precision testing equipment, which can meet all aspects of CNC precision machining Testing needs to complete clients entrustment.

    SWKD has established both overseas and domestic business team with a global coverage and better service for new and old customers. Currently, the main client areas of cooperation are China, Germany, United States, Canada, Russia and Thailand.




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